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so who the fuck is this person AJ “Tyron” Martinez, interdisciplinary internet idiot and gay robot. You might (but probably don’t) know me from my yearly shitty fighting game marathon, my illustrious and carcinogenic Elsword career, a series of invasive and low-quality scripts for SRB2Kart, a defunct PSO2 combat analysis tool that forced SEGA to ragequit a month-long anticheat battle, or a completely directionless livestream where I talk about esoteric bullshit and fail to play games no one wanted to watch.

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(1 day ago) After clicking through a billion executive-meddling signup forms, news bulletins, and invitations to cross-link accounts I didn’t want, the opening cinematic hit me with the exact words “It was the end…but also a beginning.” I got in-game, found out that I could only adjust my mouse sensitivity by …

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